Hamlet And Hamlet In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The tragedy Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, who formulated a drama regarding the young Prince of Denmark, Hamlet, who experiences the emotions, depression, rage, and uncertainty because of the assassination of his father's, King Hamlet. The culprit who directed this criminal action was Hamlet's uncle, step-father and the new King of Denmark, Claudius. Hamlet yearns to seek revenge upon Claudius not only for the assassination of his father, but, the incestuous relationship between him (Claudius) and Gertrude (Hamlet's mother). In the Prince's first soliloquy, he ponders on committing suicide when he encounters difficulty mourning the death of his father whom he adored. As the soliloquy advances, he exposed his passions of disgust on his mother's decision to marry her dead husband's brother, Claudius. This marriage is incest because, Gertrude, a widowed wife, marries her brother-in-law, Claudius who is considered as "family" during the Elizabethan era. His disturbances present itself in act one, scene two where Hamlet goes through a state of depression because of his father's death, and then leads to anger because of the relationship between Gertrude and Claudius. In brief, Shakespeare utilizes the soliloquies to observe Hamlet and his constant emotional shifts which allows character development throughout the tragedy In one example, Shakespeare employs imagery to develop Hamlet in his state of depression and anger due to the death of his father. Hamlet expresses
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