Hamlet And Laertes By William Shakespeare

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“Hamlet and Laertes”
William Shakespeare 's Hamlet is one of his excellent tragedies which explores the difference between themes such as love and revenge or the complexities of life and death. In Shakespeare 's play, Hamlet and Laertes show some comparisons and contrasts which give an abundance of interest to the play. In fact, Hamlet and Laertes display impulsive reactions when angered; both have fathers killed, and both are seeking revenge. Even so, both characters display a considerable likeness, which is trying to protect the same person, Ophelia. It is important to realize that both loved her, but in different ways. On the other hand, Hamlet had a lovely mother who was the Queen and Laertes never had a mother figure in his life (Shmoop web).
One of those Hamlet 's characteristics revealed in the play depicts him as an individual who was not naturally vengeful, but he was loyal to his father. Therefore, he swore an oath to his father to seek revenge. Also, Hamlet did not want to endanger his friends into the dangerous mission of seeking revenge against the new King, so he urged his friends to "shake hands and become part of it, swearing in faith." He was not sure if the ghost was really his father rather than a deceitful demon (Hamlet-trailers). Therefore, he staged the Mousetrap to verify Claudius ' guilt. Hamlet built the plot of the play, knowing that his uncle killed his father in cold blood. As a result, Hamlet’s scorn of the new king grows throughout the
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