Hamlet And Ophelia 's Classic Love Story

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Research Project
Love is define as a an intense feeling of deep affection(found on Wikipedia dictionary)it is also the force that can drive any man or woman to be or do insane things, and is no doubt one of the main themes in William Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”. A relationship between two people can become very complex. Words can be exchanged in a state of anger, and later the person will feel some sort of regret. The theme love takes on many relationships throughout the play, but the one were focusing on is Hamlet and Ophelia’s classic love story. My reasoning for interpreting the play in this way is because love can be considered the root of every Revenge plan, and suicide. Most people want more of something, but not Hamlet. He didn’t want to feel any type of passion or love for anyone. Thus bringing us to the conclusion, was Hamlet really in love with Ophelia is the question most people don’t really know the answer to. In this classic tale I will be discussing with you today are the reasons why I feel Hamlet was truly in love with Ophelia, and why love was the cause of all their problems. Everyone knows that love is the cause of every physical and mental pain. It is physically draining to the body and can cause mental illness for some people. Love can be considered violent. It is filled with broken promises, pain, and misery. Don’t get me wrong love can the most wonderful feeling in the world, but doesn’t last forever, so when forever ends all your left with is…
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