Hamlet And Suicide Essay

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Williams Ogounga

Hamlet Essay: “ the inaction of Hamlet coupled with the melancholic attitude lead to his demise”

“The inaction of hamlet coupled with the melancholy attitude lead to his demise” - This statement I agree with because Hamlet's inaction and melancholic attitude is paramount to his demise.

Hamlet took forever to react to the situation of Claudius murdering his father after he had been told by the ghost that Claudius murdered his father and to take revenge on claudius. The ghost appeared before him in (Act 1 Scene 5). The ghost made him swear he would take revenge but that never happened because of all the contemplations that occured (Act 1 Scene 5) for example hamlet often went into thoughts in his mind in which he spoke to
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Claudius rain had just began. Hamlet was never giving time to grieve after the death of his father King Claudius while the rest of the House of eleanor had already moved on without him which left him in a state of sadness and depression.

His attitude left him contemplating suicide and he no longer saw a point in living anymore but he could not commit suicide because it is known as a sin and goes against his religion which is christianity. The throne had been snatched from his grasp by his Uncle King Claudius and his mother has been taking away from him by his Uncle also.

Denmark had changed in every way since the death of his father and was on the brink of war with Norway. This made his life unbearable and worsened his depression. He has long soliloquies that gave us a hint about the state of mind that he was in at that moment and the way he saw things from his perspective. He seemed like an already defeated man that was just striving or was on the edge of losing his sanity. (Act 1 Scene 2)(Act 2 Scene 2), (Act 4 Scene 4) (Act 3 Scene 3)
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