Hamlet As An Anti Hero

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How does the play connect with the audience when exploring Hamartia and Peripeteia in its depiction of Hamlet as an anti-hero? Hamlet is a Shakespearian tragedy written and published in approximately 1603; this play depicts the protagonist Hamlet as a gritty anti-hero with human flaws and qualities such as arrogance, apathy and paranoia. He is driven to fuel his revenge against King Claudius without regard to the others consideration because of his selfishness. Hamlet is frustrated with his mothers haste marriage and believes he is responsible to avenge his father’s death mercilessly. Hamlet’s arrogance, carelessness and his indecisiveness are the human flaws that influence his mordant behaviour and the hamartia that eventually led to his own death. Hamlet grieved over the death of his father for the last month while his mother had remarried; isolating himself, presenting himself wearing dark attire inappropriate for his mother. “A little more than kin and less than kind” says Hamlet as King Claudius attempts to persuade him recuperate from his father’s death. Hamlet is distressed by his father’s death, using it as motive to seek revenge, once confirming Claudius murdered his father. Hamlet was blind sighted by anger and confusion and procrastinated his father’s death because of his self-doubt, his hamartia. The only evidence Hamlet had of his fathers murder was word from the supernatural ghost appearing as a possible demon, or angel, which was his anagnorisis. Although

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