Hamlet By William Shakespeare : An Insight Into Human Character

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Hamlet is one of the key plays that gives the audience an insight into human character. Shakespeare chooses to focus on the influence of people’s emotions on their actions, rather than their rationality. In the play, the melancholic prince, Hamlet, chooses to revenge on his uncle for having murdered his father in order to assume the throne and marry Prince Hamlet’s mother. Although the plot is simplistic, it shows how Hamlet undergoes considerable emotionality before exacting his supposed revenge. Traditionally, Hamlet is characterized by audiences as a hero because of the sympathy that his situation attracts. However, a deeper analysis reveals Hamlet as a selfish and immature person whose death is necessary in order to bring direction to existence.
To begin with, Hamlet faces significant difficulties that ignite to question life and seek to understand death as well as human character. When he learns of the ghost’s message, he is surprised at the selfishness and materialism that can overwhelm a person. One thing that the audience instantly notices about Hamlet is the idea that he chooses to make people focus on external things other than himself. In this sense, it becomes difficult to learn of his inverted immaturity. Unlike other characters who interact at the human level, Hamlet is indifferent to the existence of other things apart from his intellect. Such indifference shows when Hamlet meets Horatio. Even though Horatio is a hearty person, Hamlet confronts him with his
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