Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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After thoroughly analysing the tragic play of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, I have concluded that Hamlet only ever pretends to be mad. In researching various critic’s opinion on Hamlet’s madness I found that they had similar views to mine. The critics I reference are A.C. Bradley, Paul A. Jorgensen, and Alexander W. Crawfor.

A.C. Bradley’s view is that what the audience see as madness in Hamlet is really only his melancholy. This is very different from the madness which Hamlet feigns, as when he is alone or in the company of Horatio exhibit any signs of madness. I would argue a similar view because I believe that the sudden death of Hamlet’s father, and the quick marriage of his mother with his uncle, would certainly make a huge impact on his life. It is evident that he struggles to come in terms with this new situation, and relationship. This is supported by the text; Hamlet says “ For, look you, how cheerfully my mother looks, and my father died within these two hours.” (Act III, Scene II). “A little more than kin, and less than kind” (Act I, Scene II). These two quotes show the disapproval of his mother, and uncle’s newly found relationship. It is understandable as only recently he lost his father and is not ready to accept another in his place, this leads him to his melancholy. I strongly agree with Bradley’s theory because if we take a look at the scenes where Hamlet is alone and is speaking his soliloquies, it is evident that he is melancholic but still

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