Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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Throughout the play Hamlet, Hamlet is involved with two females; Ophelia his girlfriend and his mother Gertrude. Ironically enough these are the only two females featured in the play. The relationship Hamlet has with both of these females has its ups and downs and they have their share of distrust. The actions as the reactions from these characters are typical and expected. Hamlet 's unstable relationships with women are also a reflection of his characteristics and his situation Hamlet’s relationship with his mom got rocky after his father was killed by his brother Claudius. Hamlet reacts as any other normal person would react to their parent dying; grieving, vulnerable and wearing his heart on his sleeve. His mother on the other hand did not react the same way Hamlet did. Gertrude chose not to show any signs of weakness because she was the queen of Denmark and had she been running around frantic it would not have sent a good message to the people of Denmark. It would make it seem like she would not be able to handle controversy in the time of a crisis. So in order to retain order in Denmark, she needed to crown a new king. Now the obvious choice would be to crown Prince Hamlet the new king but Gertrude did not feel as though he was stable enough to run a country especially with Denmark on the cusp of a war so she did the unthinkable. She married the one person who no one would have expected her to… her brother-in-law and most importantly her husband’s murderer Claudius.

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