Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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In this story Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, there was an excessive deal of questions surrounding Hamlet’s mental state. Claudius’s nephew hadn’t been the same since his father passed away. It’s been up for discussion as if he’s actually senseless surrounding the death, or the wedding between his mom and uncle. Gertrude and the King married approximately a month or two after the funeral. At this point it’s not actually established what the cause of his actions is. Was Hamlet at fault for Polonius’s death? If Hamlet is playing demented, has he seriously become absurd? I plan to discuss Hamlet’s mental state and answer a few of the questions above surrounding his mental health.
This is a wonderful topic to discuss, this story had a weird ending, and I know it has a deeper meaning. I also recognize it is connected with people’s feelings. The type of feelings one has toward something and recognizes it doesn’t feel right. That gut feeling; intuition is the word I’m looking for. The queen’s son’s intuition played a major role in this, and it benefits that he’s clever. Gertrude’s son truly has a strategy to all of his actions. Which, in fact, lets us identify that he wasn’t illogical. Shakespeare is in fact, a genius for the conception of this story. This is true since these exist as forms of effects society are challenged with today, which is often misunderstood. Readers need to be aware of the level of carefully plotted events and consider the influence that it has on

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