Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet is a complex play that leaves the reader with a variety of uncertainties concerning the true feelings of its protagonist, Prince Hamlet. Hamlet goes through a variety of tribulations throughout the play and their effects cause readers to question his true intentions as well as his sanity. Inevitably, one major problem is the trouble discerning whether Hamlet truly loves Ophelia or if the love is a continued theatric in his act of madness. However, it is my argument that Hamlet truly did love Ophelia and the chain of unfortunate events occurring throughout the play caused a disconnect between Prince Hamlet and reality, thus preventing him from truly acting out his love for Ophelia in fullness. Several events occurred in the play that prevented Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship from progressing. Foremost, Hamlet was not permitted ample time to mourn the loss of his father. In Act I, Scene II Hamlet states, “but I have that within which passeth show, these but the trappings and the suits of woe (85-86) when his mother, Gertrude questions the sincerity of his outward signs of grief such as his “customary suits of solemn black … forced breath … fruitful river in the eye …” (78-80). From his mother marrying Claudius so quickly after the death of his father, there is a permanent rift in their relationship and it appears that Hamlet resents her for committing betrayal by marrying his father’s brother. We find out from Hamlet’s confession in Act III Scene III that he

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