Hamlet Cause and Effect Essay

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Hamlet Cause and effect Essay Adam Laning For any play to be a successful the audience must be able to feel a connection with it, they must feel like they are not just an audience, but perhaps characters in the play itself. One way of making connections between the audience and the play is through speeches that target the audience. In the Play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, there are many examples of this technique of targeting the audience. One example that is very effect in doing this if found in a speech given by Hamlet in act IV, Scene 4. This speech makes many connections with the audience of the Elizabethan era, relating to their social, cultural, and economic values and perspectives. By touching on these topics the speech given by…show more content…
Hamlet says; “Look at this massive army led by a delicate and tender prince who’s so puffed up with divine ambition that he puts his fragile life at risk, exposing it to danger and death, for a reason as thin as an eggshell.” For as long as there has been literature the consumer has always been invested in the underdog, rooting for them to overcome the odds and achieve their goals. The uphill battle draws attention and evokes emotion like few other scenarios. By putting down prince Fortinbras and making him seem weak and unfit, Shakespeare is actually building him and getting the audience to take interest in a character that has taken a minor role so far in the play. Culture loves to take an interest in the underdog, and by undercutting Fortinbras, his relevance to the audience grows. During the Elizabethan era, the citizens of England held Queen Elizabeth in high regard, her time of rule was known as “the Golden Age”, so if Shakespeare were to make a connection to her rule and government it had to be positive. This is where we find a connection made to the economic values and perspectives of the audience. Towards the end of his speech, Prince Hamlet says “To be truly great doesn’t mean you’d only fight for a good reason. It means you’d fight over nothing if your honor was at stake” and “I watch twenty
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