Hamlet Character Analysis

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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, there are many events and characters that are ambiguous to the audience. They are interpreted in several ways as there are different view points on why a character decided to act like they did. Such examples in the play are Hamlet’s use of language is equivocal as he uses his words to confuse and insult other characters in the play. Moreover, the decisions that Hamlet makes to delay Claudius’ murder in the play can be interpreted to have various explanations. Hamlet’s personality is quite enigmatic as a result of his “antic disposition” and quick transitions to a different mood. Considering this, Hamlet seems to possess ambiguous traits that results in complexion in his motives. Throughout the whole play,…show more content…
After Hamlet’s confrontation with the ghost, he promises to avenge his father by killing Claudius. However, he is illuding himself by doing acts that make him seem like he is making progress. For example, Hamlet’s first step towards his vengeance is to prove Claudius’s guilt through the play of Gonzago. When Hamlet finally gets a reaction from Claudius, he is filled with joy as he thinks he has done something about his promise. Though, he makes no progress as he only proves the ghost’s words. Furthermore, during the prayer scene, Hamlet has the perfect chance to kill Claudius however, he withdraws as Claudius is asking for repentance. Hamlet killing him at that moment would guarantee that Claudius would go to heaven, which would be “hire and salary, not revenge.” (3.4.79). It would do no good as the ghost is not getting the proper vengeance he wants as he is in purgatory due to Claudius. Hamlet continues to delay his fulfillment of the promise to find the perfect moment, but it can also be interpreted as Hamlet procrastinating as well. Hamlet says that he will “with wings as swift/ As meditation or the thoughts of love,/ May sweep to my revenge.” (1.5.29-30). However, this is not the case as Hamlet delays and takes two months to come up with a plan. It is uncertain whether Hamlet is waiting for the perfect moment to strike or is too hesitant and scared to commit the murder. Hamlet’s personality seems to be his most

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