Hamlet Character Analysis

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The unwrapping and identification of said words can be a portal into the understanding of a human’s personality. Shakespeare implements the idea of the character Hamlet being mad but also brilliantly smart in the novel Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. Hamlet is torn apart by the murder of his father, and the event of his father’s murderer marrying his mother and taking his rightful place on the throne. Hamlet journeys on a path fueled with revenge and anger throughout the novel to drive away those he loves, and to later kill the false king Claudius. Hamlet has a reputation of being mad and crazy in the novel, when in reality he is clever in the approach of killing Claudius with poison. The motif of appearance vs reality takes the reader into believing Hamlet is acting mad and crazy, when in truth Hamlet is genius throughout the play in his decision making towards his plot of revenge. Hamlet’s soliloquies give insight to his thoughts and plans which unwrap Hamlet’s grief, and devious personality of manipulation and smarts. In the novel Hamlet, the motif of appearance vs reality and Hamlet’s soliloquies reveal his true character to be in grief as well as methodical, not a crazy person. The novel and playwright Hamlet brings acting to a higher level, putting on display character’s emotions and plans for the audience or reader. Hamlet is told to move on over his father’s death, Shakespeare portrays Hamlet as mad and weak for not being able to let go of his feelings to the
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