Hamlet Character Analysis

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William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is a famous English playwright and poet. He is widely believed to be not only the greatest writer of England but also one of the best authors in the world. He is honored as the writer of Avon. (Avon is his hometown) Shakespeare’s talent is unique and his plays are so excellent that they are still performed and watched by thousands of audience until now. Of all his literatures, Hamlet is one of the finest ones. Foakes (1993) states that Hamlet is one of the most popular dramas of the world. In this brilliant play, Shakespeare has reflected the tragic life of the main character: Hamlet – the prince of Denmark with a series of problem after his father’s death. First, Hamlet is lonely because the reality of the society does not live up to his idealism. Next, his scholarly side as well as his moral side hinders Hamlet from taking actions immediately since they make him think “ too precisely on the event” (4.4.3). It is notable that Hamlet’s melancholy also leads to his delay.
First, the problem of Hamlet is the loneliness because of the contradiction between his idealism and the reality. It is clear that after the death of his father, who represents the ideal model of the Renaissance, Hamlet is excluded from the society. He knows he does not belong to this world anymore. The world of cruelty, felinity and contrivance is not what Hamlet wants. From the beginning of the play, the author makes a deep impression on the audience by giving them

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