Hamlet Character Analysis

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“To be, or not to be? That is the question-“ Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is a dark yet somehow comic story that deals with things such as death and murder. It circles around a prince from Denmark named Hamlet, a slightly mad and crazy, yet smart-mouthed and clever, heir to the throne of Denmark. As Hamlet mourns the death of his father, the former king, also named Hamlet, his mother marries the deceased man’s brother and his uncle, Claudius, adding more fuel to the rage and grief within him. One night, he met with his father’s ghost, not fully trusting him and getting answers as to why he died. It was revealed to be Claudius’ doing. He then sought revenge on Claudius for killing his father. He no longer feared death and will do as he pleases in order to achieve his goal. In the story, Hamlet is driven into madness and murderous intent due to his father’s murder and urge to take revenge in Claudius for doing so. Ofelia learns the difference between love and affection from her father, Polonius, whom Hamlet had accidentally killed. He bore the guilt of killing him for a while as Claudius did with his brother. The world is cruel and sad place to be, so it is best to just wait it out until it is over. To Hamlet, his madness is a double-edged sword. His slight delusion and madness lead to him postponing his plan for revenge, yet it was a benefit in order to make him unpredictable and fearless. He even stops himself from killing his uncle just because he is praying and he

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