Hamlet Character Analysis

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Throughout Hamlet, the females of the play are portrayed as reliant on the men in their lives. The queen, Gertrude, relies very heavily on having a man in her life. Ophelia is very obedient of her father throughout the beginning of the play. Because of this, Ophelia is willing to sacrifice her relationship with Hamlet to please her father. Hamlet shows us that the queen and Ophelia needed one common thing, a man to rely on. The queen is very reliant on having a man in her life. Originally being married to Hamlet Sr., she should have been heartbroken over his death. After he is killed, she immediately turns around and marries her husband’s brother. Hamlet claims she married Claudius “within a month” (Meyer 1459). The queen immediately goes with another man after her first husband died. Hamlet is determined that Claudius murdered his father. Later, while Hamlet is confronting the queen, the queen says “thou hast thy father much offended”(Meyer 1507). Hamlet retorts “Mother, you have my father much offended”(Meyer 1507). The queen tells Hamlet that he has offended Claudius by showing that play, but Hamlet replies, explaining how the queen has offended his father. Hamlet doesn’t believe the queen grieved enough over his father’s death, but the queen just needed a man in her life. Ophelia depends on her father more than anyone. Ophelia leans on her father so much that she would betray the trust of the one she loves. While Polonius is speaking with the king and queen, he

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