Hamlet Essay : Will Hamlet Be Sent To Hell?

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Will Hamlet be sent to hell or will he be redeemed? Because Hamlet was vulnerable and had only murdered for justice and self defence he is innocent. Hamlet had killed Polonius, Laertes, and Gertrude accidently. But he killed Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, and Claudius intentionally due their intent to decease his life. Because Hamlet killed Polonius his daughter committed suicide. He had caused Ophelia's death. Above all his murders had motive, but still he’s innocence wins over because he was seeking justice. I’ll be briefing why Hamlet will be redeemed from hell using all the murders he had caused whether it was an accident or mistake.

In addition to Hamlet’s first murder is Polonius. It had occurred in Gertrude's room after Hamlet’s play
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They were Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They were going to send a death note and delivery it. Hamlet’s reasoning for changing the opposition is a simple concept of self defence.

While everything was going on, Ophelia was in misery. She was not well after her father had passed away. Polonius and her were very close as they were Father and Daughter. She obeyed in any remark he demanded. For instance, Polonius had spoken to her about Hamlet and forbid her from seeing Hamlet. Polonius wanted Ophelia to stop seeing him because his intentions weren’t meaningful. He said,” you’ve made yourself quite available to him,Offer yourself more respect (l.lll).” Nonetheless one afternoon, Ophelia had roamed around the hallways crying and singing with agony. She couldn’t bare the thought of her father being dead. As a women who wanted her father back there was no one who could help her.

Suddenly one day she encountered and fell into a gurgling brook. She sung bits of old hymns. Ophelia was in a reverie and she found herself drowning but didn’t think it was no harm. Ophelia was so out of it she had not realized she was in danger but because she was completely dozed out she killed herself,” But it was only a matter of time before her clothes,
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