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Elements of Drama: A Review of Hamlet

Elements of Drama: A Review of Hamlet The way an artist creates a sculpture is similar to the tactics of a drama writer. While artist focus on the color and shape of their creations, writers of drama focus on specific elements. In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses plot, character, setting, staging, and theme to create a well-rounded story. One of the first elements of drama is plot. Considered to be the foundation, plot is the idea in which the setting and characters surround (Mays, 2014). As a stack of dominoes, lined in a row, the plot of a story creates a similar effect. As each domino falls, it enables the rest to follow suit. Plot is comparable, because the
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Within a dramatic piece, characters are those of who the story revolves. The central character of a dramatic story is the protagonist, known as the hero, or one the audience may identify themselves. The antagonist is the opposition of a drama, better known as the villain (VirtualLit, n.d.). In Hamlet, the newly appointed king is the antagonist because he murdered his brother, took his thrown and married his old lady. Hamlet is the protagonist because he, along with the audience, see the king as a criminal, while others do not. He represents the good guy, as he seeks to avenge his poor father. Setting and Staging is another important element of drama. Setting is the time and place where the story occurs. When performed as a play, the setting may be the most important aspect of the story. Some plays involve multiple settings while others develop under one. The staging is the director's idea developed into reality. This element includes the props, costumes, lighting, sound, etc. Overall it attributes to the believable aspect of the play (VirtualLit. n.d.). The story of Hamlet uses multiple settings. From the chambers of the queens to the graveyard of Ophelia's burial, the setting and staging play a key role. Playwrights conducting Hamlet most likely will not have Ophelia's burial taking

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