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The obscurity of human thought and sentiment inhibits the possibility of

understanding an individual’s actions. The human mind is composed of its own

due process, which, in certain individuals, might disable the ability to make

decisions and act. In the play Hamlet the protagonist is marked by an indecisive

nature. By analyzing every aspect of a possible action, Hamlet inevitably finds a

reason not to act. His actions are untimely. The often procrastination of serious

acts lead to an even more complicated situation. The complexities of the events

which take place in the play do not always provide Hamlet with a possible clear

decision. He is constantly faced with a challenging dilemma that adds to the

intricacy of his
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“But that the drear of something after death, -

- The undiscovered country from whose bourn – No traveler returns, puzzles the

will.” ( III I, 179-181) The fear of what will happen after death deters him.

     Hamlet also fails to take any significant action in many other occasions. He

does not kill Claudius immediately after the apparition of the Ghost, in which he

discovered that his father was really murdered by him. “The spirit that I have seen

-- May be the devil…”( II ii, 599-600 ) Hamlet subconsciously finds a reason not

to act by doubting the validity and origin of the apparition. Hamlet encounters

another chance to kill Claudius. It is after a play, set up by Hamlet to verify

Claudius’ guilt. Claudius clearly expresses his guilt by standing up as the murder

of Hamlet’s father was reenacted. Now Hamlet is absolutely certain that Claudius

is the perpetrator of the most foul and unusual murder. But Hamlet finds yet

another reason to postpone his deed.

          “When he is drunk asleep, r in his rage,
          Or in th’ incestuous pleasure of his bed,
At game a-swearing, or about some act
That has no relish of salvation in ‘t—
Then trip

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