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Write a review of Hamlet based on a viewing, whereby you ponder the question of the text's enduring relevance. A news feature based on the play where having seen the play, you analyse why the play remains relevant to modern audiences. In itself becomes a text of textual integrity. How do people value it? Discuss some aspects that you would argue to allow the text to view it as something engaging and valuable. Hamlet Through Time Hamlet. Not just your typical revenge tragedy, but something deeper, and more than able to rival the likes of 'Desperate Housewives', despite it's age. What the audience gets with the play, Hamlet, is a storyline that is complex and intricate, a plot that is interwoven with tales of love, betrayal, murder and…show more content…
As the main character, Hamlet presents the audience with an image of the renaissance man, one who offers insights into how one might deal with complex emotions such as love and grief. The audience follows Hamlet on his journey to avenge his father's death, which was brought about by his late father's brother, Claudius, the current reigning king. The story clearly centres around the ever-hesitant prince and his struggle to enact his revenge. It is Hamlet's procrastination and inability to act that drives the story to its disastrously orchestrated end. Despite all his faults, the audience feels a sense of affection for the young prince and connect with him on a level that is unavailable with the other characters. It is in this connection that the interest of the audience is captured, such that one can almost experience his joy and his grief, or his jealousy and love, all things that are encountered by modern day humans. All the choices that Hamlet makes, allows the audience to understand his character a little better. No doubt, this is the result of good acting and excellent play writing, however, there is an element of value that only time brings. Another character that must be examined, is the aforementioned, Ophelia. Stuck in an Elizabethan world where misogynism is the norm and women don't have a say, Ophelia is subject to the will of the men in her life. She is chastised by her brother and father for her relationship
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