Hamlet Film Adaption Vs. Play Comparison

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Hamlet Film Adaption vs. Play Comparison

Shakespeare’s Hamlet has countlessly been formatted into film depictions of the play. Each film seemed to be on one end of the spectrum of either being closely interpreted or completely remodeled a different idea of what Hamlet is. The film version of Hamlet released in 2000 seems to follow closely to the play in some aspects, yet at the same time having its own unique identity Despite there being many differences with the play Hamlet and the film adaptation of Hamlet (2000) by Michael Almereyda there are three categories that really stand out, those are the character portrayal, interrelationship between the characters, and some of the essential themes differ as well. Although there are many differences, one aspect that remains the same is the dialogue of the characters which stays true to the Shakespearean dialect.

When transforming any type of literary work into film there are certain areas that have to be manipulated in order to fit into the mold of a film. The play Hamlet, by Shakespeare, is no exception. As Hamlet is Shakespeare’s longest play, made up of more than 4,000 lines, there is no other choice than to have it cut down to fit into the standard parameters of a film. Along with the play being subject to being cut down, certain liberties are given to a director to adapt the work in a way to make it more unique. Almereyda made Hamlet much more modern in relation to scenery and character representations. Many of the

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