Hamlet: Ghosts Of The Original?

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Cinematic Interpretations of Hamlet: Ghosts of the Original? William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a tenet of English literature, has been interpreted in many different ways since its inception over 500 years ago. Shakespeare's complex subject matter transcends culture and class, lending itself to nuanced personalization. In both theatre and cinema, each director extracts from the text in a unique way, thereby bending Shakespeare to almost fit their agenda and message. These artists are largely successful at their craft as they are sourcing from Shakespeare, one of the most of intriguing authors in history. What makes his works so diverse and adaptable is his almost Talmudic writing style, nearly begging its reader for deeper analysis.
Shakespeare manipulates the text to purposely leave an aura of ambiguity. He uses this process as a hook to capture the reader's interests. Shakespeare wants the audience to be engaged and emotionally invested in his works. The physical manifestation of the play Hamlet, is conducive for intonation and humor. Sarcasm comes alive on stage whilst it may be flat or even overlooked in the text. Film uses its' medium's unique opportunity to employ special techniques and narratives to create a heightened atmosphere. Film can generate sophisticated feelings in the audience by eliciting suspense via musical score or shadows. It can also elicit empathy for Hamlet that would not be present otherwise. Viewers then draw on these sensations and internalize their own opinions.
Different cinematic techniques can influence the perceptions which an
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This vivid illustration of Hamlet creates empathy throughout the play as he tries to take revenge. When the ghost appears, he is often seated with a somber, yet serious expression on his face. This is contrary to Shakespeare’s version where there is the imagery of pride, honor and war whenever the ghost
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