Hamlet Insane or Sane Essay

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Hamlet- Sane or Insane??? In Shakespeare's play Hamlet the main character Hamlet experiences many different and puzzling emotions. He toys with the idea of killing himself and then plays with the idea of murdering others. Many people ask themselves who or what is this man and what is going on inside his head. The most common question asked about him is whether or not he is sane or insane. Although the door seems to swing both ways many see him as a sane person with one thought on his mind, and that is revenge. The first point of his sanity is while speaking with Horatio in the beginning of the play, secondly is the fact of his wittiness with the other characters and finally, his soliloquy. After talking with the ghost, Hamlet,…show more content…
The final point to prove that he was a sane person through out the play is his famous soliloquy (Act 3 sc1 line64-98). At this point in the play he should be thinking about the outcome, but instead he contemplates weather it is better to be alive or dead. Is it nobler to fight his troubles and end them or to die? He asks himself if it is better to be asleep forever, or suffer the pains of life. He talks about when we sleep we dream and what happens if there is a bad dream and you can't getup. He dreads of something after death and wants to know if he should suffer his sorrows, which he is used to, or travel to the unknown and kill the king, but he is afraid of the unknown. He believes that a conscience is bad and that all it does is make a coward of all, conscience makes cowards of us and clouds instinct. He then realizes he is too intelligent to do this. To summarize his thoughts, he has basically said why do we choose to live when death is an easy response to misery, but he answers his own question and then goes on to describe his burden but then sees what his action of revenge must be. Does an insane person go through this type of mental thought. Most think not, showing that he is well witted and knows what life is and what he must do. Insane, no, more or less a manic depressant. One with a quick change of mood, not in and out of sanity. In conclusion, Hamlet wasn't a person who was

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