Hamlet Is A Brilliant Strategist

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Rowan Carr Tanner Pre AP English 10 14 May 2017 Hamlet Is a Brilliant Strategist William Shakespeare’s twenty-fourth play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, follows the story of Hamlet, who is experiencing an emotional crisis. Shakespeare’s mastery development of his characters’ actions leads to different interpretations of their behaviors. In the play, Hamlet learns the truth of his father’s death and as a result, begins acting rather bizarre due to his father’s death. He begins to talk nonsense, is rude, and wears dark, ragged clothes. These changes in his behavior contribute to how readers may think that Hamlet is either crazy or brilliant. While some critics argue that Hamlet is truly insane, he is undoubtedly a genius…show more content…
Yet, Guildenstern and Rosencrantz do not seem convinced and still think of him as deranged, so ultimately, the king and queen will as well. The fact that Hamlet clearly states that he is, in fact, sane contributes to the idea that he is not psychotic or senseless; and, revealing his plan of acting mad shows that he has a clear mind, knows what he is doing, and is brilliant in that way. In acting insane, the other characters are unaware of his true motives, which makes it easier for him to carry out the murder of Claudius. Another reason hamlet is not crazy is how he proceeds to execute — or not execute — his plans with patience and caution. Hamlet’s master plan is to avenge his father who was killed by King Claudius, his uncle. The only thing Hamlet thinks about is exacting revenge upon Claudius, and cannot wait for the moment he can kill him. However, with his plan comes patience and caution. Hamlet decides that he must kill Claudius in the right way at the right time. In scene v of Act I, the ghost of King Hamlet reveals to his son that he was killed by Claudius with “No reck’ning made, but sent to [his] account/With all [his] imperfections on [the king’s] head” (85-86). Thus, King Hamlet could not go to heaven and is trapped in purgatory during the day and is doomed to walk the earth at night. Hamlet kept this in mind while planning to murder Claudius so that Claudius will suffer the same fate as his father — abruptly killed with no

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