Hamlet 'O What a Rogue and Peasant Slave Am I'

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Shakespeare has created the act two soliloquy "O what a rogue and peasant slave am I" to give the audience deeper insights into Hamlets internal conflicts surrounding his attempt to fulfil his pledge of avenging his father's death. In this soliloquy Shakespeare has revealed Hamlet feelings of inadequacy due to his inability to act and the reasons behind his inaction. Shakespeare also uses this soliloquy to set up the play within the play as the climax at which point Hamlet will be forced to be the revenging son.
From the beginning of the play it is obvious that Hamlet is extremely depressed and disillusioned with the world around him. In this soliloquy however Shakespeare has introduced Hamlets internal judgement of himself for the first …show more content…

"The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king".
After this shift in tone the reason for Hamlets indecisiveness seems to be temporary due to him not knowing the true nature of the ghost he had seen. However Shakespeare has also alluded to Hamlets renaissance humanism as being the true underlying reason for his inability. This

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