Hamlet Oedipus Complex Essay

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People searching for their significant other tend to be subconsciously attracted to individuals possessing attributes similar to their parents’. According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, this tendency stems from the natural course of suppressing one’s inherent Oedipal inclinations. The Oedipus Complex is Freud’s explication of a child’s relationship with the parent of the opposite sex, it is a phase that every man experiences as a child. This phase entails the desire to replace the father figure as he creates competition for the mother’s attention. According to Freud, in order to overcome the Oedipus, individuals must repress their desire for sexual interaction with their mother; failure to overcome this phase results in societal chaos. In …show more content…

Is thy union here?/ Follow my mother! (Shakespeare, 5.2.318-320)
This is when Hamlet kills Claudius with his own poison after inflicting a fatal wound with a poisoned blade, thus ending him twice and ensuring his inevitable demise; thus allowing Hamlet to die in peace, knowing that he avenged his father free from corrupt or ulterior motives. Throughout Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet finds excuses to delay the assassination of his uncle, Claudius. This is the result of the Oedipus complex whereby Hamlet struggles to overcome his sexual desires for his mother. Though he strives to avenge his father’s untimely demise, he is unable to fulfill his request until after his mother dies, for he fears the inevitable consequences of his actions. Primarily, Hamlet’s Oedipal urges resurface when they are triggered by his uncle actualizing his childhood fantasies, through the murder of his father and the incestuous courtship with his mother. Secondly, there is a conflict in interest between Hamlet avenging his father and engaging in a sexual relationship with his mother by the same means that his uncle took to assume the throne. Finally, Hamlet is able to overcome his fear of succumbing to his sexual desires because of his mother's death therefore allowing him to murder his uncle. If people do not actively work to suppress their own innate impulses, societal chaos will ensue. Hamlet’s failure to repress his Oedipal desires results in the downfall of the Danish Monarchy allowing Fortinbras to usurp the

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