Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

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ABSTRACT I, with all my interest and will decided to do my term paper on one of the most controversial yet diversely analysed work of literature that is 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark ' written by the ever greatest man in history of English literature, William Shakespeare.The aura of this play is not at all questionable. The essence it captures down throughout every single scene and dialogues is undeniably recommendable. But in spite of these the play, according to may of the critics is somewhere an artistic failure when it comes to define the over all boundaries of work as an art.The play revolves around the theme of Revenge and it is believed that somehow it is an adaptation as most of the scenes are parallel to that of Spanish Revenge Tragedy by Thomas Kyd. Hamlet as a work of art denies certain rules like that of very important one that is Objective Correlative, the theory given by an American painter Washington Allston in 1840 but revised and was popularised by the famous literary critic, T.S Eliot in 1919. Then and there he discussed the flaws in Hamlet and specifically the concept of objective correlative. In his essay Hamlet and His Problems, he discusses all the major points he found superfluous. KEY WORDS: Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Artistic failure, Revenge Tragedy, Objective correlative, Hamlet and His Problems. HAMLET AS AN ARTISTIC FAILURE. Hamlet, Prince of
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