Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

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Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark is by far one of the best known of William Shakespeare’s works and, may well be the most famous English-language play ever written. Categorized as one of Shakespeare’s “later tragedies,” it has developed a reputation as a difficult work to analyze. The Character of Hamlet is, perhaps, one of the most compelling characters to ever rise from the pages of English literature. He has been subjected to numerous interpretations and studies over the centuries, his actions thoughts analyzed and analyzed again. And this, probably more than anything else, is the reason for Hamlet’s enduring appeal. One of the biggest arguments in Hamlet’s character is his madness; whether he is pretending or if he really goes insane. The madness of Hamlet’s character is interpreted differently in regards with each of the main characters attitudes, how they and Hamlet interact, and how the madness is unbelieved among some of the more intelligent characters. To better understand each of the main characters, they must be looked at more closely. In F. E. Holliday’s book entitled “A Shakespeare Companion,” an overview of each character is given. In combination with my own knowledge and this book, we shall observe the main characters. Claudius is the current King of Denmark. He is uncle to young Hamlet and brother to the late King. Not more than two months prior to the now ex-King of Denmark’s death, Claudius married the widowed Queen of Denmark, Gertrude, and after
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