Hamlet : The Main Characters In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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In the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, the main character, Hamlet, is an enigma who can be interpreted in many different ways. His character is what allows the audience to find themselves inside of the play. Hamlet is angry, depressed, manic, brooding, suicidal, and dark; he often hates himself and loathes his fate. But with these negative images of himself, Hamlet is an empirical thinker and knows that he should kill Claudius to avenge his father’s death. One of the main themes that continually appears as the play unfolds is Hamlet’s struggle with his thoughts of the task he is burdened with: killing Claudius to avenge his father. He continually delays taking this action because he is paralyzed by the idea of the worth of his mortality, let alone Claudius’s. Hamlet goes back and forth with the idea of his death throughout the entire play. He knows that no matter what he does he will die, therefore what is the purpose to everything he is doing. Hamlet evolves throughout the play, but his thoughts always seems to drive himself into endless intellectual corners. One of his biggest weaknesses but also one of his biggest strengths is his self-doubt. Hamlet believes that he cannot decide who should die and who should live, let alone who should be punished and who can be forgiven. He is conflicted and stuck to the realization that everyone will die anyways. So the real struggle is who will be killed first, Hamlet or Claudius? This strength and weakness will in the end be the reason for Hamlet’s demise. From the very start of the play, Hamlet struggles to come to terms with the fact that his father is dead. Hamlet grief stricken by the death of his beloved father isolates himself from the rest of Denmark because he is angry and sad. He feels as though no one else is mourning the loss of the suddenly deceased King. It only gets worse for Hamlet once he encounters the ghost of his deceased father. Hamlet questions whether the ghost is truly his father. This is where he is instructed to find vengeance for his father’s death by killing the new king, Claudius, the deceased King’s brother and Hamlet’s uncle. Hamlet is then set with a tremendous burden of whether or not revenge is the best option. This play is a
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