Hamlet, The Prince Of Denmark

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Hamlet is one of William Shakespeare 's most iconic plays about a tragedy. The play begins with Hamlet mourning the death of his father and ends with a hefty amount of corpses. The cause of the multiple deaths may be from Hamlet 's decisions that formed from questioning that which is unknown to him. Throughout the Shakespearean play, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, as well as the audience, are placed in a constant state of uncertainty.While Hamlet grieves his father 's death many things start to unfold and create questions for the audience and Hamlet to queries such as the existence of his father 's ghost, death and mortality and lastly more for the audience, the mental state of Hamlet himself. The theme of uncertainty challenges Hamlet in his choices as well as how uncertainty brings out deeper and more complex thoughts for him to explore. Through the lines that are read and the visual shown through the actors expressions and wardrobe in the play, we see start see how the uncertainty changes and morphs into different decisions of how Hamlet chooses to live which ultimately cause his demise. . The play begins after his father’s death and it starts with a tone of fear this is because Hamlet is left as a broken piece of himself from the loss of his dad all while there is a ghost roaming the estate. The Ghost is or claims to be of the late King Hamlet or otherwise known as the prince 's father. From this encounter, Hamlet 's life begins to unravel. The Ghost claims that his
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