Hamlet- William Shakespeare

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The play starts off with the changing of the guards and tensions are high. Horatio is invited to join Marcellus to the watch due to the appearance of a ghost. As the men are about to hear the story from Barnardo; a ghost enters and exits. Horatio says that the ghost has the same appearance of old King Hamlet. The men begin to talk about the action being taken within Denmark, as the ghost enters once again. Horatio asks it to speak and identify itself; the ghost begins to leave. Horatio asks for it to return but it does not. All the men agree to tell Prince Hamlet about the ghost. A ceremony begins; the King, Queen, Prince Hamlet and their entire kingdom enter to celebrate the Queen and the King’s wedding. King Claudius speaks on the tragic death of his brother the old king, but the kingdom should focus on happiness. Claudius sends two courtiers to Norway to deliver a message to stop all war between both countries. Then, Laertes is given a blessing to leave to France. Hamlet is unhappy about the purpose of the ceremony; it is focus in the wedding not about the death of his father. Horatio and Marcellus greet Hamlet and tell him about the ghost. Hamlet asks the men to take him to the site of the appearance of the ghost. While in the home of Polonius, his children Laertes and Ophelia speak about Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet. Laertes advises her to protect her heart when it comes to Hamlet and to let Hamlet be the Prince he is mean to be. Polonius enters and advises

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