Hamlet and Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare wrote dozens of plays, the most noteworthy of those being tragedies. Although many of his plays contain striking similarities, none share more than Hamlet, Macbeth, and Richard III. The length of each play can alter the feeling of being apart of the play for the reader. By far Hamlet has the greatest length of the three, followed by Richard III and then by Macbeth. Despite all three plays being enjoyable to read, the mere length difference of Hamlet or Macbeth or Richard III makes for a more enjoyable and relatable read. Hamlet as a whole is easier to relate to because we get to know and follow Hamlet much longer than Macbeth or Richard III.Not saying a reader can not relate to Macbeth or Richard III, only that it’s easier to bond with Hamlet because of the ample time given provided him. As an overall aspect, rulers and the state should be closely linked, however, there exists a fine line between Kingship and Tyranny. In the beginning of Richard III, the king, Edward IV falls ill and Richard intends to make himself King instead of remaining Duke of, Gloucester. Richard starts down a path to tyranny right at the start, while Macbeth starts out as a decent ruler, aside from the fact that he murders King Duncan. In an oddly satisfying discovery, Shakespeare’s plays all share frequently appearing aspects of the supernatural. Hamlet, confronted by the ghost of his murdered father, is asked to avenge his death. Macbeth, told by three strange
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