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Hamlet Essay The act of revenge never fails to accomplish Shakespeare’s goal of keeping the audience in their seats. Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s most well written play carries the theme of revenge or redemption throughout the play. Redemption is defined to be as the desire to undo an injury or a wrongdoing. Many characters felt that they needed to redeem themselves however in doing so, they ended up facing death. For some characters, revenge had sprouted from their urges to redeem themselves. Revenge is defined as the desire to repay an individual for their injury or wrongdoing. A famous American novelist, John Irving has mentioned in work The World According to Garp, that it is a life-redeeming work in which everybody dies. Hamlet,…show more content…
(5.1.252-258) Hamlet realizes how much he actually loved Ophelia and he shows that he will be willing to do anything to redeem himself for the way he acted towards Ophelia before. During the scene at the churchyard, Laertes and Hamlet get into an altercation in Ophelia’s grave however, Hamlet after feels “very sorry” for his actions towards Laertes (5.2.80). By the end of the play, Hamlet gives a formal apology to Laertes, which he accepts. This signifies that as the play progress and as Hamlet makes mistakes, he attempts redeem himself in the way he was acting crazy. Hamlet wanted to come back to his usual self but at the same time he still wanted seek his revenge against his father. By the end of the play, Claudius does die and Hamlet fulfills his goal of seeking redemption just before his death. Laertes is an explosive and hotheaded character who got angry when he found out from Claudius that it was Hamlet who killed his father, Polonius. Claudius plans out a devious plan for Laertes to kill Hamlet during fencing. Claudius shows his true character when he encourages Laertes to choose a sharp sword and to “[r]equite [Hamlet] for [his] father” (4.7.136). However, by the end of the play Laertes realizes that by going against Hamlet, he is doing a wrong thing. Even after betraying Hamlet, Laertes redeems himself by exposing that the king is at fault for events that took place. He finally asks for Hamlet’s forgiveness,

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