Hamlet and The Spanish Tragedy

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The parallels shown between Hamlet and The Spanish Tragedy demonstrate the influence Kyd's play had on Shakespeare. The similarities can be seen throughout the plot lines and context of both plays. While using the plays as different tools, both are used for expediting revenge. Shakespeare, through the impact of Kyd's play, established and perfected an ideal plot for a play expressing revengeful tragedy. The actions and thoughts that Hamlet shows greatly displays many characteristics from The Spanish Tragedy. Hamlet models himself after Hieronimo in the way he approaches revenge. However, Hamlet wants his victims to suffer not only on earth but in the afterlife. Kyd and Shakespeare utilize both meta-theaters to exact revenge and reveal guilt. The intention of a play within a play by Kyd is used for the format of Hieronimo's death. It varies from that of Hamlet in layout and context. Hamlet plans precisely how he will avenge his father's death and when he will strike. Hamlet exclaims, "When he is...about some act/ That has no relish of salvation in't--/ Then trip him...And that his soul may be damned and black/ As hell" (Shakespeare III.iv.94-100). Killing Claudius in a sinful state will satisfy him, his father, and affect him by suffering in the afterlife as well. Hieronimo also plots his revenge, but is solely concerned with achieve earthly revenge. The Spanish Tragedy includes a play that is longer in duration than that of Hamlet. Kyd does this to allow the audience to

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