Hamlet and the Psychological Approach

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Hamlet and the Psychological approach

After enveloping myself in the world of Shakespeare’s tragic play/story of Hamlet, I without a doubt believe that the best way for me to critically analyze the literature is to approach it in a psychological critic mindset. In relations to Hamlet a question keeps intriguing my mind, in which, why does one man choose to carryout revenge, how a lust for power can bend one’s own flesh and blood? Another question that I have is whether or not Hamlet is indeed crazy? If so, how would friendship function? Does he have a true friend? If so, who? Does he exhibit the behavior of a real friend? The first quote that centers itself on the discussion between Polonius and Ophelia in regards to Hamlet’s
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“Hamlet does not fulfill this duty until absolutely forced to do so by physical circumstances” this quote I got from the article proves that the way in which Hamlet went into seeking revenge for his father’s murder became enlarged by the social interference that was occurring. The ghost for example, it kept creeping up on Hamlet giving him clues, turning him into someone he wasn’t by making him do things that were inappropriate for Hamlets lifestyle. The killing of his uncle Claudius was an example of what happened by the ghost. Hamlets view of Claudius represents Hamlet’s repressed hostility towards his father as a rival for his mother’s affection. This new king- father is the symbolic perpetrator of the very deeds towards which the son is impelled by his own unconscious motives: murder of his father and incest with his mother. Hamlet cannot bring himself to kill Claudius because to do so he must, in a psychological sense, commit suicide. The main idea in the Hamlet: The Oedipus Complex article was that Oedipus complex approach that Hamlet gave in this play. Oedipus is a group of largely dynamically repressed ideas and feelings which concentrate on the desire to possess the parent of the opposite sex and eliminate the parent of the same sex. In this case that would be Ophelia. Hamlet and Ophelia were madly in love.
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