Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Being indecisive means not showing or having the ability to make a decision. Not making a decision quickly and efficiently. In the book Hamlet, the main character, the prince of Denmark. Hamlet has shown that he is indecisive throughout the book. Hamlet shows that he is mostly indecisive when it comes to his father’s death, King Hamlet. Hamlet also doesn’t trust anybody. Hamlet can’t even trust his own family or his girlfriend. Hamlet has been acting like he is mad because he doesn’t want to confront people so he just acts like he is crazy. Hamlet always acts with an impulse, Hamlet can only show bravery when it doesn’t involve his family. Such as when his boat was attacked in England by pirates. At this point Hamlet just doesn’t know what to do with his life. Everything is moving too fast, like his mom getting married quick after his father’s death. Also the fact that Gertrude married Hamlets uncle is just too much for Hamlet right now. Hamlet shows his first indecisive decision, when the ghost comes up to him and talks to him. Hamlet doesn’t believe at first that this is his father. From when Hamlet saw the ghost he felt that he had to do something about Claudius, but then Hamlet doubted himself. He didn’t know if this was the right thing to do. Hamlet wants to make sure that this isn’t just a trap. Hamlet is shocked to find out how his father had died; well his own brother killed him. Hamlet doesn’t really know if his uncle was capable of

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