Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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No matter how hard one trains, tries, or practices, there are a couple of things that cannot be controlled such as sanity. Insanity is very hard to notice because not only is it hidden in the mind, but also it develops slowly over time, and is usually noticed at the point of no return. Hamlet decides to create a façade of madness in order to discover the truth to his father’s death. Everything is going as planned until the insanity begins to slowly take over his sense of self-control. What began as a facade becomes a harsh reality until it finally consumes Hamlet and he loses himself in this tragedy. Hamlet’s situation is harsh enough to drive anyone into insanity. When Hamlet returns home to Denmark from college, he is told of his father’s death. Then he is informed that not only has his father passed away, but also his mother has married his uncle Claudius and that’s not all. The castle guards inform Hamlet that there have been appearances of what seems to be the King’s ghost. So Hamlet decides to stand guard one night and the ghost approaches him. Hamlet immediately recognizes the ghost as his father and follows it into the forest to talk to it. He is then told of his father’s murder by the ghost in his uncle’s attempt to become King. When Hamlet thinks things through, he is immediately hurt and swears to avenge his father. In order to prove his uncle’s guilt, Hamlet begins to put on this “mask” of insanity. At first he is only behaving this way to see if the

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