Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Prince Hamlet is disheartened and having been beckoned home to Denmark from school in Germany to be present at his father's funeral, he is stunned to find his mom Gertrude already re-wed. The Queen has wed Hamlet's Uncle Claudius, the deceased king's brother. To Hamlet, the matrimony is vulgar interbreeding. What makes things worse is Claudius crowned himself King even though Hamlet was his father's successor to the throne. Hamlet questions his father’s death and thinks that he was murdered. When his dad's spirit pays a visit to the castle Hamlet's uncertainties are corroborated. The spirit whines that he is incapable to rest in peace because he was killed. Claudius says the spirit drizzled toxic substance in King Hamlet's ear while the king slept. Incapable to admit and find redemption King Hamlet is now condemned to spend his days in limbo and walk the earth by night. He entreats Hamlet to take vengeance because of his death, but to pardon Gertrude and let heaven choose her destiny.
Hamlet vows to imitate madness puts on escapade and wears a mask that will allow him to witness the exchanges in the castle but finds himself more mixed up than before. In his constant confusion he questions the spirit's honesty. What if the Ghost is not a real spirit but more accurately a representative of the devil sent to tempt him? What if murdering Claudius results in Hamlet's having to recall his recollections for all time? Hamlet struggles over what he recognizes as his spinelessness
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