Hamlet is More Tragic than Antigone

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Aristotle views tragedy as an “imitation of an action that is serious,complete and of a certain length and scope in language pleasurably embellished with each kind of artistic ornament” (Gassner 23).The audience should be introduced to a story which, even when merely told, it produces a thrill of horror and pity and a kind of pleasure and is most effective between kindred . Aristotle lays out Aristotle lays out specific ingredients to a tragedy including a plot, characters, thought (intellect), diction and song. This paper will analyze William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and how it is more tragic then Sophocles, Antigone, by reflecting on the ingredients in Aristotle's view of tragedy. Aristotle believes that the most…show more content…
Creon orders guards to find the buried body and unbury it. Antigone finds her brother’s uncovered body and tries to rebury it again. Creon sentences Antigone into a cell. Teiresias orders Creon to bury the body, Creon listens to him and finds Antigone’s body dead in the cell. Haemon, Antigone's fiancé and Creon's son, kills himself with his own sword upon seeing. These actions lead into one another, they are all actions of suffering and dismay. Again, Aristotle believed that “a tragedy is defined as an imitation of an event that is serious, complete, and possessing magnitude..."(Gassner 19). In Hamlet it is evident that this is a serious play that possess much magnitude. The actions, consequently, revolves around the event of a king, and the seriousness present in the play involves Hamlet's desire to enact revenge on his father's murderer. Hamlet being the protagonist in the play, is the agent of the action, he is revolved around sets of chains of events that eventually decides Hamlet's fate. Tragedies according to Aristotle, must effect “through pity and fear” (Gassner 23), in the play Hamlet this play certainly evokes pity and fear to the situations he was in. In particular his fathers murder, his mother's marriage with his uncles, he accidentally kills the wrong person,Ophelia's death and his death is plotted these

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