Hamlet 's Emotional Journey

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Hamlet’s emotional journey draws audiences in, and compels them (us) to sympathize with him during his plight. Working title: Metamorphosis What is a soliloquy? A soliloquy is an instance of talking to or conversing with oneself, or of uttering one’s thoughts aloud without addressing any person (speech to the audience) Shakespeare’s effective use of soliloquies reveal the protagonist, Hamlet’s most personal inner thoughts and struggles Hamlet – a complex character; analytical (looks at situations from all angles)/reflective/contemplative/intelligent Thesis: In the famous revenge tragedy “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, soliloquies (insert part of definition)------------------- These series of soliloquies - progression of Hamlet’s…show more content…
Or that the Almighty hadn’t made a law forbidding suicide. Oh God! God! How weary, stale, flat and useless everything about life seemed! He moaned. It was terrible. The whole world was like an unweeded garden that had gone to seed – only ugly disgusting things thrived. He couldn’t believe what had happened. Only two months dead; no, not even two. Such an excellent king he had been, compared with this one. It was like Hyperion, the sun god, compared to a lecherous satyr. He’d been so loving to his mother that he wouldn’t even allow the gentle breeze of heaven to blow too roughly on her face. He lifted his hands and blocked his ears as though to shut his father’s memory out. She had loved him so much, adored him, as though the more she had of him the more she wanted him. And yet, within a month! He couldn’t bear to think about it. Women were so inconsistent! Only a month, even before the shoes with which she had followed his father’s body were old, all flowing with tears, she, even she… Oh God! Even an animal that doesn’t have reason, would have mourned longer – ..she married his uncle! His father’s brother, but no more like his father than he was like Hercules. Even before the salt of those hypocritical tears had left her swollen eyes, she married. Oh, most wicked speed, to hurry so enthusiastically to incestuous sheets! It couldn’t end happily. But he would just
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