Hamlet 's Quest For Revenge

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From the moment the ghost of Hamlet’s father accuses his brother of murdering him treacherously for the throne, Hamlet’s quest for revenge begins. Prior to this scene, the character of the soon to be quester, Hamlet, is set up so that he will have an apparent motive. “So excellent a King, that was to this Hyperion to a satyr, so loving to my mother that he might not beteem the winds of Heaven visit her face too roughly.” (I.ii(139-142)) Hamlet, who holds his father at a high regard, also expresses disdain for Claudius, calling him a satyr, and demonstrates how loving his father was for his mother. From this, Hamlet’s character is built into one in which he is willing to follow the suspicious ghost of his father despite his friend 's protests. Then, when his father tells him of his murder at the hands of his brother, Hamlet is shocked but, as seen earlier, he already holds Claudius in a low regard and is willing to begin a quest of rage and revenge against him for the father he still holds in high regard. Hamlet is now a quester and has a clear destination and goal; to go to the castle of Denmark and kill his incestuos uncle, the now King Claudius. This quest, however, must have challenges and trials. Along the way, several obvious ones appear. The first is Claudius himself. Hamlet, upon returning to the castle, uses a play in order to force Claudius to face his sins. By having the play reenact the murder of his father, Hamlet uses Claudius’s reaction to confirm whether or
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