Essay about Hamlet's Fatal Flaw

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Hamlet's fatal flaw is his inability to act. Unlike his father, Hamlet lets his intelligence rather than his heroism govern him. When he has a chance to kill Claudius, and take vengeance for his father's murder, he hesitates, reckoning that if he kills the man while he is at prayer, Claudius would have asked for pardon from the Lord and been forgiven of his sins, therefore allowing him to enter Heaven. Hamlet decides to wait for a better opening. His flaw of being hesitant in the end leads to his own death, and also the deaths of Gertrude, Ophelia, Laertes, and Claudius. Hamlet's fatal flaw is his delay in avenging his father's death. Hamlet is still devastated by his father's death when the ghost appears to him, and he is unable to…show more content…
He has a lot of trouble in coming to terms with all of the evil that is around him in a corrupt world. As Hamlet said himself, "'Tis an unweeded garden that grows to seed; Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely." One wonders how Hamlet can interact as well with his environment as he does; he has said many times that life is full of evil and deceit. He says to Rosencrantz that the world is a prison, in fact, "a sizable one, in which there are many jails, cells, and dungeons." One also might expect him to be a very bitter person, but he is not. He is sometimes able to suppress his anger towards life in "prison." Hamlet’s anger, and his need for revenge, places a great amount of stress on Him. Eventually, this stress became so great that it forced him to act. But why did he wait until his breaking point to do something? Perhaps Hamlet is not sure, even in his immense experience and understanding, whether justice should be left in his hands; despite the ghost's admonitions that it should. I agree with the belief that it is difficult, in a deceitful world, to tell a good man from a criminal. His morals guide him to be absolutely sure of his uncle's guilt, and not have a hasty emotional reaction. I think Hamlet has a hard time understanding people's evil motives, because of his own idealistic nature. Therefore it would be difficult for him to commit an act of
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