Hamlet's Love for Ophelia

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Intro to Literature Drama Paper Hamlet’s Love In the tragic play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, one of the most common themes found throughout the story’s plot is the theme of love. Shakespeare interlaces many layers of thematic love through the complex relationships of Hamlet; primarily between Hamlet and Ophelia. From Act one until the final scene of the play, Hamlet struggles with the decision to kill Claudius while he concurrently tries to comprehend the chaos surrounding him. As the story unfolds and the tensions build between Hamlet and his loved ones, Hamlet’s relationship to Ophelia is profoundly impacted. One common argument that rises from studying the tragic story of Hamlet is the questioning of…show more content…
However, when the ghost of the King reveals himself to Hamlet, and Claudius is exposed as a murderer, Hamlet’s purpose is significantly altered. When the Ghost explains to Hamlet the evil Claudius had committed Hamlet’s entire purpose then changes. Because Claudius has killed the King, taking his crown and his wife, the only way Hamlet sees fit to truly avenge his father’s death is to kill Claudius. As Hamlet takes on an oath to avenge his father’s death, he decides to depart from all of his obligations: “Ill wipe away all trivial fond records / All saws of book, all forms, all pressures past / That youth and observation copied there /And thy commandment all alone shall live..”(I.v.100-103). Killing Claudius becomes the most important aspect of Hamlet’s life. In Hamlet’s mind, killing Claudius restores peace to the “Great Chain of Being” that has been upset to due to Claudius‘ actions. For that reason, Hamlet’s new purpose comes with a great amount of sacrifice. As Hamlet is faced with the decision to kill Claudius, he quickly realizes that such treason would most likely lead to his own demise. Hamlet desperately wants to kill the man who took his father away from him and in order to avenge his father’s death; Hamlet must willingly sacrifice his own life. However, not only must he be willing to sacrifice his life but he must be willing to give up his relationship to Ophelia. Although Hamlet loves

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