Hamlets Perception Of Hamlet's Attitude Towards Ophelia

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For example, Hamlet’s perception of his mother’s impureness affects his demeanor towards Ophelia. When Gertrude quickly gets over old Hamlet’s death and marries, Hamlet begins to perceive a woman's love as fleeting and unpredictable. Consequently, when Ophelia declines Hamlet’s affection, perhaps he relates his mother’s debauchery to Ophelia’s brief love for him.Therefore, Ophelia’s affection is seen as a manipulative lie like Hamlet views Gertrude’s loyalty towards his father. Although Ophelia declines Hamlet as a suitor, she does not “unpack her heart with words” “like a whore” to him (2.2.579). In fact, Ophelia genuinely cares for Hamlet and does not concern herself with other men when she turns him down. Instead, she stays committed to
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