Hamleys Positioning

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Chapter1: Introduction Welcome to the colorful world of teddy bears, singing dolls, miniature pianos that play nursery rhymes, battery operated cars and stuffed dogs and rabbits that walk, talk and shake hands. In one word: Toys. Toy merchants of yester years gave shape to the creative fancies and dreams of young ones and grow-ups alike. Once upon a time, toys were given away as wedding presents to the child bride. Today, toys not only provide a diversion but also a colorful canvas for depicting Indian life in its plethora of cultural beauties. The world market has seen various upheavals due to changing consumer preferences, new fads, technological advances and trade liberalization. Countries like China have marveled the…show more content…
As Indian market is highly price sensitive, the reduction in prices of the products would contribute to increase in the sales. The four large players who have global operations namely Mattel, Lego, Hasbro and Hamleys. Mattel Toys are the largest toy manufacturers in the world. Hamleys even is famous. Mattel has been in India since 1985; it sells toys under the brand name of Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Star Beans, etc. The Mattel Company is a $6 Billion company out of which their market share in India is around 20%. Today India has over 800 Indian toys and games manufacturers, exporters and suppliers. Indian Toys and games can be classified as fun or educational toys. The influx of hi-tech electronic toys accompanied with electronic gaming gadgets is making the Indian toy market on its way to becoming one of the most advanced industries in the subcontinent. 1.1a Educational Push Toys and games which are available in India include soft toys, computer games, dolls and electronic games. While toys for entertainment and leisure have always been a hot favorite, another category that is finding takers are educational toys, which promote the concept of learning while playing. Kool Kidz, distributor and marketing partner for international companies such as Little Tikes, Uncle Milton and Play
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