Hammock Camping : Just Hanging Out

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Hammock Camping: Just Hanging Out in the Woods

Hammock camping, what is it? The act of hammock camping is essentially what the title says it is, hanging out in the woods either by yourself or with like-minded individuals. The entrance bar to hammock camping is set relatively low as you only need two acceptably spaced trees, a thin piece of ripstop nylon, some cordage, and some nylon webbing, all of which can be found at the local outdoor store. Now, this may get you started, but it will by no means produce the utmost in satisfaction.
Hammock camping has undergone a major uptick in the United States with the introduction of the ENO and Yukon Outfitters brands of hammocks. You can often times see these hammocks strung up in local parks or college campuses across the nation. Alone, these hammocks are just fine for the occasional lounging around studying or passing the time, but I’m here to introduce you to the act of actually camping in said hammocks.
Now, in addition to the above mentioned items, to really enjoy your time hanging out in the woods, you will need a few more pieces of equipment. These include a tarp to keep the elements off of you, a bug net to keep the critters off of you, and an underquilt and topquilt to keep the cold off of you. With this recent surge in the popularity of hammock camping, what are called “cottage vendors” have sprung up to meet the demands of people that want to partake in this new hobby. The term “cottage vendor” is…
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