Hammurabi Equal Application

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Laws such as the Ten Commandments and the Code of Hammurabi were created to keep people in line or to instruct people to do what is right. “Law is known to everyone as being intended to tell members of society what they can or cannot do; Law is a formal social force, meaning that laws come from the state and usually written down and accessible so those who need to understand and obey them can” (Reed, Pagnattaro, Cahoy, Shedd, and Morehead, 2013, p.6-7). I haven’t had any experiences with the law, but I have watched the news and read news articles regarding the laws that may or may not have been equally applied to fellow members of the society. I have watched several news reports that reported laws are equally and unequally applied. The law should apply to everyone regardless of their position.…show more content…
As a society, it will be hard to ensure equal application of all law to all people. “To maintain order in society, adequate enforcement institutions such as courts and the police are necessary part of the legal system” (Reed, Pagnattaro, Cahoy, Shedd, and Morehead, 2013, p.7). I think equal application begins with the law makers and the courts. The laws are created with equality and the laws should apply to every person, regardless of race, ethnic background, or position in law enforcement. As a society, we can voice our opinion regarding the abuse of laws, but we also have to make sure we implement that laws that are created for all
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