Hamsun Kant Hunger

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Hunger by Hamsun Kunt is a monologue mainly related to the struggling life of an artist who is starving for meals but trying to establish his literary reputation. It is also considered as an autobiographical work of Norweign writer, who is intellectual, but wandering around in Christiana, Oslo trying to earn money to pay for his meals while keeping to maintain his dignity and purity of his artistic thoughts. Hunger of Hamsun shows how narrator is proud to be a human but failures in life humiliate his humanity. He struggles hard to earn his meals and stays hungry for days, and writing of philosophical thoughts and articles in this extreme poverty seems to be ridiculous. So it focuses on the effects of hunger on the physical conditions and psyche of a lonely man. Hunger is also a kind of protest work to the socially focused novels of nineteenth century. Hamsun sets his own code of chivalry and whatever money and clothes he gets, he gives those to needy and vagrant children and himself turns in stealing. Because of starvation and hunger his physical, mental and psychological health deteriorates, he suffers from a great financial and artistic crisis. Hunger disintegrates his ability to write and no one wants to publish his work except, a kind newspaper editor who occasionally gives him a little money. Sometimes, he has to live without food for one, two or more days. Though this unknown writer is starving with hunger but he is proud of himself and keeps his morale high. He feels that he is…show more content…
Not only he begs for meals but at some point, he also tries to eat his own pencils. In hysterical state of hunger, he blames God for his misfortune or a divine order. Even with this torn body and soul he is quiet alert to the sufferings of the poor people around
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