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Hamzah Sait Molly Myers 3A 05/01/2017 My name is Hamzah Sait, the date of the performance was the 23rd of April, and it was located at the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. The concert was titled Jump Start which means it is the end of the old era and time for the young choreographers and dancers at the university of Arizona to shine and go around the world. The dances were basically performed by UA students that have been practicing throughout the semester, and they call it, spring collection. The names of the performances that I am going to talk about are as the following: The process, from our insides out, and Breakfast Burritos. And the choreographers for the pieces that I am going to discuss are: Tanner Boyer, Kira…show more content…
I think that costume was interesting and strongly related to the music and the type of dance that he is doing, but I think if the tie was on him, would make the dance more interesting. On the other dance, the two dancers were wearing also formal clothes and the costume showed how they were lovers. I think the suit that they were wearing helped the story and the feeling to be reached to the audience. Lastly, Breakfast Burrito, the costume for this dance was different for every dancer, where every dancer had his different color costume and there was nobody wearing a suit. A dynamic dance like this one needs to have a mix of bright colors to make it more interesting. In my point of view, the costumes for this dance was amazing. Music makes a significant touch on dance and make either enthusiastic or boring. The chorographer of the first show, the process, did not use any music in the dance, and the only sound that we were hearing is his breath since the hall is quite. That actually makes the audience focus on the movement of the dancer only without listening to any music. The music of the second performance was soft and quiet and pauses when the dancers talk. It influenced my feelings and reaction where it clearly illustrated that it is a romantic dance. However, the music of the last dance, Breakfast Burrito, was creative and affective, and make the audience more interactive with the dance. Moreover, the

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