Han And Roman Attitudes Towards Technology

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The Han and Roman's attitudes towards technology resembled each other in a variety of ways like how both empires allowed non-government workers to practice engineering and other crafts that dealt with technology. However, during the first century of B.C.E the Han and Roman empires had many differences with their attitudes towards technology. For example, the Roman empire was against engineering and advancements in technology as it had government officials speak out against engineering and being a craftsman while the Han Empire was for technology and had government, officials be engineers. As well as the Han dynasty being more consistent for the practice of engineering and of crafts similar to it while the Roman empire had some…show more content…
Using the information within document #3 and document #1 it can accurately be assumed that the Han dynasty was for the development of technology as in both these documents they show the government allowed and encouraged the development of technology.
To continue, the Roman empire allowed the advancement of technology because of how most of the documents concerning the Roman empire talked about how Government officials spoke positively about the advancements in technology. In Document #6 the high official, Plutarch, talk about how the Roman political leader Gaius Gracchus put a lot of time into the advancement of the roads in the empire. Plutarch talked about how Gaius made constant improvements to the roads like placing pillars of stone at certain points along the road as a distant marker to help travelers and merchants to judge distances. As well as creating stepping stones to help horse-back riders mount their horses. This all relates to the Advancements of technology as the distance pillars show the creation of easier distance tracking and mapping of the area as engineers had to have made the pillars and placed them in certain places that accurately represents the distance. Not only this but the stepping stones are a sign of advancements uses for the pillar as they are used for the creation for distance pillars,
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